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Pillow COVER
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VARIATION: Button-Closure Pillow Cover
A nice alternative to the velcro-closure (which isn't so much pretty as it is functional), is to use buttons to close the pillow cover. You'll want at least 2-3 buttons, depending upon how large your pillow is, to secure the opening shut. Follow the same instructions as for the basic pillow cover. At the end, though, you'll need to sew on your buttons, and create buttons holes (this is the slightly tricky part).

how to sew a button hole ...

1 Using a sharp pair of scissors, gently and neatly snip your fabric to create an opening that is very slightly larger than the width of your button.

fig. 1 ^

  2 Thread your needle, doubling over the thread and tying a large knot at the bottom. Holding the fabric with the right-side facing you, bring the needle from the back of the fabric through to the front, inserting it approximately 1/4" in from the opening in the fabric, as pictured in figure 2. 

< fig. 2 

3 Having pulled the thread through, your needle should now be coming out the front of the fabric. Insert the needle back through the fabric, going front to back this time. Now here's the important part: as you bring your needle through the fabric, you'll want to make sure that it goes THROUGH the looped part of the thread, as pictured in figure three. 
fig. 3 >

4 Got it? Good. Now continue using this same stitching pattern until you've gone all the way around the perimeter of the button hole.

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