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Minor MAKEOVER Miracles | 1 2 3

Get funky with lighting
Toss out those boring old halogen floor lamps -- now. There are plenty of more exciting options available, for just as cheap, too -- as always, secondhand sources are the very best places to locate unusual lighting.  Look for funky fifties-style table lamps, or sixties/seventies sphere lamps ... and don't forget, if you see a great looking lamp base with an absolutely hideous lampshade, that shade can very easily be replaced.  Remember too that spraypaint is your good friend, and can cover up a host of lamp problems (chipped paint, ugly paint, stains, etc.).

Add some greenery to your scenery
Head to your local greenhouse and pick out a few potted houseplants. There’s something so cheery about a room with plants in it – provided the plants look healthy and lush, of course, so either be super-vigilant about watering, or choose something that requires minimal care (spider plants and cacti, for instance, seem virtually un-killable and would therefore be prime candidates). If you love to cook, you might also want to consider growing a few potted herbs on a sunny windowsill … they’ll look great and as an added bonus, will provide you with fresh ingredients for your culinary creations.

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You can accomplish any of these minor makeovers in the span of a weekend. They’re small changes, to be sure, but it’s the combination of all the details that can really give a room personality.


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