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office space
diary of a home office makeover: part 4
by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3 4

In part one, part two and part three of Office Space: Diary of a Home Office Makeover, we made a couple of baby steps towards improving our eyesore of a second bedroom turned home office, by rethinking the floorplan, replacing the carpet with tile, and reorganizing for more efficient storage. The diary continues ...

Though no one would ever guess it from my wardrobe, which consists largely of mix-and-matchable solid blacks, greys, and whites, Iím a huge fan of color in just about every other aspect of life. I love ruby reds and mango oranges and saffron yellows, spring grass greens and pacific blues. I like strong colors tossed together in big, bold blocks of beautifully rich, saturated color. Color makes me happy.

the original office space

But while itís been easy for me to come up with color schemes for the rest of the house, the office has long been a hodgepodge of blah blues and greys, dull sensible office neutrals Ė the usual ho-hum utilitarian workspace colors. Not fun at all. Part of it is that you never think of the office as a fun space: itís that messy room, where the papers pile up on your desk and where you throw all the junk in the rest of your house so that the guests donít see the clutter when you entertain them in the living room, kitchen, wherever. And part of it is that office things Ė desk organizers, computers, fax machines, file cabinets, even binders and the like Ė have a tendency to come in a limited array of rather dull colors, mostly in the blue-black-white-beige range, hues that lack any semblance of character at all.

Itís a tragedy, really, because while my office might be for work, Iím a whole lot happier when the work feels fun. Which is why Iíve finally decided that Iíve had it with the bland office neutrals, and need to bring a little more color into the room. So where to start?

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