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Reason to keep/toss

 School Stuff    
--Periodicals/ Journals/ Magazines Six months Like coursepacks, periodicals and journals will outlive their usefulness in bulk. Pare down your collection as much as you can, and save the articles that most impact your professional career.
--Term papers Forever In addition to being tangible products of your scholarly labor, term papers are a handy resource if ever you need to send in a writing sample for a job.
--Grade reports Three months Keep these only long enough to compare them to your official transcript. Make sure what you received each semester is correctly reflected on the transcript. Unless you received written evaluations (some programs do this) instead of letter grades, keep the evaluations to show employers.
--Original transcripts Forever Your original transcript will most likely arrive with your diploma in the mail. You may always request copies from your school's admin office, so keep the original one in a safe place.
-- Diploma Forever No matter how you display it, you should keep the sheepskin.
--Tuition bill Forever Keep these to torment your children: "When I was your age, tuition was only $25, 000 a year!"
--All other school bills One day Burn upon payment. J


Donna Wilson has been working in a library since age 12 and now works as an Information Architect/Content Manager. She is on a lifelong campaign to change the librarian stereotype. On any given weekend, you can catch her sans bun-and-bifocals in the dance clubs of DC.


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