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about these digs ...
Eve, 30, registered nurse; Jason, 29, carpenter; and Joshua, 2, "the one who keeps us on our toes"
Approximately 870 sq ft flat, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and an enclosed porch that we turned into additional living space: the playroom and storage/mudroom area.
Upstate NY
how long
Six years (“We have been lucky to rent from family which means we've had pretty much free reign on painting/renovating/etc.” Check out Eve's apartment in its previous incarnation!)
on embracing color
“I've had lots of colors that I wasn't crazy about on the walls.... the kitchen was originally a much lighter sea glass/aqua color, and the dining room an almost sage green. I worry sometimes that the house seems too cartoonish and technicolor and thought if I picked calmer colors it would seem more sophisticated. But I felt like it looked drab and washed out. I lived with it that way for a couple of months but couldn't stand it anymore. So I headed out to Lowes and picked out some saturated colors and felt better."
On reconciling style with the realities of kids
“Not that I feel you have to give up all your style just because you have little ones running around, but safety is the number one concern. We've been able to gradually set the vases and knickknacks back out within reach because Josh is learning what's not for play.”