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hit the floor | More challenging was the floor... Originally an exterior surface,  it was a step down from the dining area and sloped away from the house. To make it flush and level, they had to build a wood subfloor. Once that laborious task was done, they finished things off with affordable Pergo wood laminate. With the equipment they rented, Drew says it was easy: "Just glue, strap and wipe." 

let there be light | Good lighting drastically improves just about any room. Having had some experience with electrical work in the past, Drew set out to improve the lighting situation, installing ceiling lights in the living room, under-cupboard lights in the kitchen, and more. He's especially happy with what he did with the lighting in the den -- adding a halogen spotlight over the fireplace and dartboard, as well as three spots over the bar. Drew says: "In the evening, with the regular cost-saving lights turned off, these spots make the den look much more sophisticated. Add a glass of port wine and a game of cut throat and you've got the full effect." >