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Click to see how this space looked beforedouble duty |  Someday, I dream of having an office space that doesn't also have to serve as the guest bedroom. Sadly, we have not yet reached that day. Still, by keeping my work area confined to just a small desk and a bookcase, we're lucky to have enough space to house friends and family when they come to visit. The makeshift daybed in the foreground, covered by a quilt the boy's sister made for us, is actually made up of the two twin boxsprings and a single twin mattress that used to be in the main bedroom (the second mattress is in the loft). I've attached a burlap skirt (which matches the curtains -- burlap is really cheap and a nice warm color) to cover the mattress stack when it's in daybed mode. When guests are over and we're in need of a bed for two, we pull the second mattress from the loft and rearrange the stack to make a big king bed (with the original legs removed from the boxsprings, the beds now sit evenly side by side). (Click to see the original space) >