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lofty heights |  The loft is my favorite space in the flat. Accessible only by a wooden ladder, it's just big enough to house one of the twin mattresses that had originally been in the bedroom, some moving boxes -- and most important, a tiny but perfect space where I've set up a painting studio. This is the first time I've ever had a dedicated art space, and it's amazing: there's something so nice about being able to have your easel and paints perpetually set up and ready to go whenever, which may explain in part why I've been painting far more here than I ever did in Tucson (the need for artwork for our walls has been another incentive). In the winter, the loft's the warmest and sunniest spot in the house -- a great place to paint, to curl up with a book, to nap, or just appreciate how lucky the boy and I are to be living in this beautiful little city, in this adorable little flat. >