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making (re)arrangements | In moving to Edinburgh, we knew we'd only be here for two years; despite the fact that we'd been homeowners back in Tucson, we found ourselves going back to the renter's life -- a hard transition, especially since most rental places here come fully furnished (right down to the cutlery in the drawers). Fully furnished sounds great in theory, especially when you're moving from overseas like we did and haven't brought much of your own stuff. But in reality, a rental's furnishings are invariably the sort of thing you'd never choose of your own free will. The furnishings in our pad were a weird mixture of good quality but Laura Ashley-esque quaint, and nondescript hand-me-downs that had clearly seen better days. The biggest challenge, then, was turning all this into a place that felt more like us. Rearranging the furniture -- which our landlord had mostly had pushed up against the walls -- was a good start; by orienting the main sitting area on the diagonal, we created a cozy hang-out area and opened up another entryway (a second door to the office) that had previously been blocked.  >