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Click to see how this space looked beforein the bedroom |  Our first glimpse of the bedroom was not promising. The room was long and narrow, with only one tiny window; it featured faded peach floral curtains, two twin beds (of different heights, which we were apparently supposed to be content to sleep on by pushing together), a dingy lampshade hanging from the ceiling, and a nighttable covered with a peach throw. We lasted three nights on the pushed-together twin beds before we bought a new bed at IKEA, which we moved next to the window for maximum light. With the addition of the wedding quilt my mother made for us, along with some fuzzy white pillows purchased at a going-out-of-business sale, the room soon felt more like home. The peach curtains, meanwhile, went in the closet; too lazy to sew replacements, I simply attached two big lengths of inexpensive chocolate-brown dress lining fabric so that they hang from the curtain rod on either side of the bed. Meanwhile, I replaced the original roller blind fabric -- the same floral pattern as the curtains -- with a simple burgundy material. (Click to see the original space) >