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work with it |  In the kitchen, Eve worked more mod magic. The 70s-style cabinetry is one of those common apartment features that most folks feel compelled to mask -- and for Eve too, this was the first inclination. But the white paintjob they'd originally given the cabinets had begun to chip. She and Jason had been painstakingly scraping down the cabinets for a repaint when she had an epiphany: the dark cabinets actually looked perfect when paired with the funky wallpaper she'd scored at a wallpaper outlet for the bargain price of $8 for a double roll. (Said wallpaper store had featured a side room full of original 60s/70s era wallpaper rolls that had just never sold -- sadly, the store recently went out of business.) Says Eve, "[It] was much easier to just leave [the cabinets] & buy new knobs than to paint them and worry about it all starting to chip again. The knobs are pretty vintage in appearance, but they were brand new -- and really cheap, maybe $1 apiece." Paired with the green walls and retro accessories, the kitchen is now  vintage heaven. >