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in record time
how to make a record bowl and record album box

by Yee-Fan Sun
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Record albums as musical media are one of those things I don't really remember except as something my dad had lying around gathering dust below the stereo. Sure, I have a vague recollection of getting a 45 from a friend for my sixth grade birthday (Starship's "We Built This City," possibly one of the worst songs ever, if I remember correctly). But I was more of a cassette kind of girl; klutz that I was, records always struck me as requiring too careful a handling. And by the time I reached seventh grade, my technophilic dad had already bought a CD player for the house, which meant the CD revolution hit before I ever had a chance to get attached to vinyl.

So it's not really the nostalgia factor that makes me such a sucker for old record albums. No, there's a really simple reason I can't help but flip through the record bins when I'm out thrift shopping: I like the way that records look. I love the shiny black vinyl, with all those concentric grooves; I love the big 12.5" covers, featuring funny hairdos and crazy outfits and fabulously dated fonts and color schemes. Record albums just look so much cooler than CDs. This, combined with their dirt-cheap price, makes those old LPs absolutely perfect for all sorts of fun crafts. Here, we offer instructions for two classic record album projects: the record bowl and the record album box.

record bowl
This project is fun, fast, and virtually idiot-proof.

what you'll need |

  • one old record
  • a bowl that can go in the oven (i.e. not plastic)
  • a baking sheet 

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