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spruce up for spring
by Susan Johnston | 1 2 3
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If youíre on the fence about your furniture but canít afford new stuff, consider reupholstering, repainting, or refinishing. Rotate the artwork on your walls. Go through your old magazines and pick out a few funky photos to replace the ones that youíre sick of seeing. Rearrange your bedroom furniture to get a new look at a low cost. For that dowdy-looking lamp in the corner, replace the lampshade or switch to a colored bulb to give your light a new life.

As for the millions of t-shirts you never wear (you know, the one you got during college when you volunteered during freshman move-in or signed up for a student Master Card, then promptly shoved to the back of your drawers?), toss the ones that donít mean anything to you. For the ones that bring back memories of the summer you worked at Camp Pokonokah or finished your first half-marathon, you have a couple of options. Keep them to wear to bed or the gym when youíre running out of clean clothes. Alternatively, you can sew the top and bottom shut, stuff them with cotton, and use them as throw pillows or extras for unexpected company (wildzipper.com will transform them into a quilt for you if youíre not the crafty kind) . You can do the same sort of repurposing with jeans or skirts you no longer wear, and make cute purses out of any fabric that is still good.

For unwanted items that actually are usable, you have several options. If the weather cooperates, you could have a yard sale with some of your neighbors and earn back some of that moola you spent. Alternatively, you can post unwanted furniture and household goods on Craigslist (preferably with a photo), resell used books, CDs, and DVDs on half.com, and give last seasonís clothes to Goodwill (many dry cleaners also have a donation box if Goodwill is too far out of your way).

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