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spruce up for spring
by Susan Johnston | 1 2 3
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If you donít have the patience for taking photos, posting descriptions and images, then waiting for Joe Cheapskate from Craigslist to call and set up a pick-up time, consider posting your items on Freecycle.org. Everything is free, so users have no excuse for demanding delivery or haggling for a better price. Thatís why itís called freecycle, people! In competitive urban markets, youíll have at least a dozen people vying eagerly for your old printer or houseplant, so if someone flakes out on the pick-up, just move onto the next one. Or if youíre feeling philanthropic, you can donate old books, magazines, CDs, and movies to your local library (see sidebar at right for other ideas). Sometimes I also bring my magazine stash to the gym and leave them there for others to enjoy during their workout.

how to dispose of
your stuff...

Earth911: Find recycling information for your neighborhood
The Princess Project: Donate gently used prom dresses and formalwear
Freecycle: Offer various items to others in your area via online bulletin boards
WirelessRecycling.com: Find a cell phone drop box in your area
Youth for Technology: Donate your computer to help bridge the technology gap in Africa
Excess Access: Find non-profits in your area that need various household items
1-800-Got-Junk?: If all else fails and you need large items hauled away

Anything in that falls under the category of ďwhy do I still have this?Ē -- because itís broken, stained beyond recognition, or otherwise unusable -- should be tossed. Be sure to check on your local ordinances before throwing out any appliances or electronic devices.

Once youíve made some headway, reward yourself with a glass of wine and dinner from your favorite take-out restaurant. Sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. See, that wasnít so hard, was it?


Susan Johnston is a Boston-based freelance writer and, admittedly, a bit of a clean freak. Check out her blog at http://www.theUrbanMuse.blogspot.com.

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