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stain Rx  
basic remedies for common 
household stains

Blame it on absent-mindedness, blame it on lousy coordination, blame it on plain old bad luck. Whatever the reason, there痴 no getting around the undeniable fact: I知 a complete klutz. If I知 walking with a cup of tea in hand, I値l trip and spill it. If there痴 a glass of wine within armspan, I値l knock it over. If there痴 a person holding a beer behind me, you can bet I値l clumsily back into them bottle goes crash, beverage goes splash. Not surprisingly, I知 pretty much constantly trying to remedy one sort of stain or another. Even if you池e fortunate enough not to be a mess-magnet, however, you池e sure to find a stain on your new dining chair, or white carpet, or good table linens at some point or another. Before you pitch a hissyfit over your ruined goods, try these stain removal tactics

The common culprits:
Click on an image to find out how to remove its stain ...

tea + coffeered wine
beerbutter, oils, grease
chocolatesoda pop + juice
candle waxsalsa, tomato sauce, ketchup

The cleaning agents:
diluted detergent solution: 1 tsp. detergent
(non-bleach) to 1 cup water
diluted vinegar solution: 1:1 water to vinegar
diluted ammonia solution: 1 tbsp. ammonia to 1 cup water
white towels (
the dye in colored towels can transfer to whatever you池e trying to clean)
other handy products: baking soda, carbonated water, pre-wash stain remover, bleach (note: NEVER mix it with ammonia)

General rules:
1. You
r first instinct will no doubt be to scrub furiously. Bad idea it値l only serve to set it further. Remember: blot, don稚 rub.
2. Hot water can actually set some stains. When in doubt, use cold water.
Work from the outside of the stain towards the center.


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