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make it mosaic: how to tile a tabletop
by Stephanie Blydenburgh
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Step Four: Finishing Touches
With grout applied, the table was now nearly finished. Just one final step remained: to remove the grout from the tiles using a damp cloth. Unfortunately, I let my grout dry too long, and ended up scrubbing grout off the tiles for a week. (Should you decide to tile a table yourself, save yourself some elbow grease by removing the grout from the tile surface when itís still slightly damp).

One additional step I wish Iíd taken the time to do was to apply sealant after the table had completely dried. Sealant does a great job of preventing the grout from staining and cracking Ė which in hindsight, would have been a very smart idea. Cherry Kool-Aid doesnít come out of anything!

Small setbacks and imperfections aside, my table-tiling project was a success. Sure, half of my short, tiny square tiles were buried forever under the grout, and yes, the legs still wobble a little. But I now have a unique piece of furniture that I love. Despite all its flaws, thereís a little part of me that beams every time I look at that table Ė Iím proud of the fact that I made it. Thereís something about furnishing your digs with homemade treasures thatís just so much more satisfying than living in a cookie-cutter, Pottery Barn catalogue home.


Stephanie Blydenburgh is a full time student at the University of Minnesota and a part time writer. She hopes to be a world famous journalist some day, like maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, however, she's enjoying living on her own in St. Paul, although she still brings her laundry home every Sunday.

Variations on a Theme

My friend was inspired by my mosaic coffee table, and made two end tables for her boyfriend. Instead of putting random pieces of tile together, there was a method to her madness. She created designs, and one can be used as a chessboard. 

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