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Variations on a theme
by Glinda Wyndorf |
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So I schlepped it all home. A rented house allowed room for everything, but the dizzying array of themes stripped me of my ability to see reason and order. Coherence and unity were lost; it was visual cacophony. For months I wandered in and out of rooms filled with beloved furnishings and objects from my past love affairs with design themes. Confused and disoriented at first, I again turned to thrift shops and church sales to comfort me. I began a new collection of cheesy religious art. Neon-haloed statues of saints were placed atop wire-and-Formica coffee tables, right next to overstuffed purple velvet Windsor chairs, beneath peacock blue geometric Plexiglas swag lamps. And somehow (divine intervention perhaps?), it all seemed to work.

What I realized, finally, was that the picture-perfect "theme" room was never going to make me feel truly at home. The "theme" left no room for changing one's mind, or having fun. And if my home is a reflection of me, then the "theme" made me look one-dimensional and simple.

My friend's dad, after seeing a recent photo of her in my living room, said he thought she was in a Salvation Army store trying out a possible sofa purchase. She found glitter and sequins in the dustpan after sweeping my floor and wasn't a bit surprised. She's also taken to bursting out with the theme to "Sanford & Son" when walking through my front door. Others have said that my home looks like a tag sale in downtown Beirut. But I think that after a lifetime of using thrift shops to fulfill my "theme" decorating fantasies, perhaps practically living in one is the perfect theme for me.


Glinda Wyndorf is a freelance writer and professional student. Upon her recent relocation to Albuquerque New Mexico, she daily fights the urge to develop yet another decorating theme incorporating images of mushroom clouds juxtaposed with black velvet paintings and late-70's vinyl motel furniture.


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