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hanging by a wire
by Tasha Moss |
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Tools | All you’ll need are a drill, pliers, wire cutters,  and at least one willing friend.

Directions |
Getting ready
Take a look at your wall. Determine the approximate height that you'd like the wire to be. Lightly knock your knuckles against the wall at a few different heights. Listen until your tapping sounds like it's hit something more solid-- this means you've found a stud. A stud is a wooden beam that runs through your wall, and provides the ideal support for anchoring hardware so it doesn't pull right back out of the wall. If you can't seem to find a stud, don't worry. My apartment has thin plaster walls, and I'm almost always forced to anchor hardware without a stud. You’ll use plastic anchors which will help stabilize the screw eyes no matter what type of wall you have.

2. Once you've determined the height, it's time to figure out the length. With a pencil, mark the far left and right points across which the wire will span. Later you’ll drill holes for the screw eyes at each of these marks. Don't worry about making them perfectly level just yet.

3. With a friend holding one end of the wire, stretch it across the length of your wall. Be careful-- depending on the type of wire, it may have a tendency to snap back at you. Make sure both of you hold on tight. With wire cutters, snip the wire at about 8 inches longer than the distance between your two pencil marks. If there's 72 inches between marks, cut 80 inches of wire.

4. Now you need to make sure your marks are level. If they’re not, everything you hang from your wire will slide together on one side. (Probably not the look you're going for.) With the help of your friend, hold the cut length of wire up to your pencil marks. If you have a second friend handy, have them stand against the opposite wall and tell you when the wire is level. If it's just you and one friend, tape one end of the wire to the left pencil mark, and have your friend hold the other end of the wire at the right end. You can now stand back and eyeball it until the wire is level. Now fix your pencil marks so they’re level.

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