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hanging by a wire
by Tasha Moss |
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continued from page 3

10. Youíre not done with the math quite yet, though. Now you have to figure out how much wire to leave at the ends, so you can attach the turnbuckles and tie the wire off. Subtract the new length that you arrived at in step 9 (for me, 64 inches) from the length you cut the wire (84 inches).

80 inches (length of entire cable) Ė 64 inches (result above) = 16 inches

Divide that result by two. I ended up with a final length of 8 inches.

11. Thread your turnbuckles in from the ends of the wire exactly the measurement you just came up with-- 8 inches, in my case. At 8 inches, carefully bend the short length of wire around the wire where it meets the turnbuckle. Wrap it tightly around the wire, until youíve wrapped the short part entirely around [photo 4] You may need to use pliers if your wire is hard to bend. If it seems like you have too much wire leftover, feel free to snip it a bit shorter [photo 5]

12. Hook one turnbuckle to the left screw eye, stretch the wire across the wall, and hook the other turnbuckle to the right eye. If itís too tight to fit, loosen one of the turnbuckles until it will fit on the hook. Once the wire is attached, slowly tighten the turnbuckles until the wire is taught. Do not over-tighten, because youíll stress the screw eyes. Trust me, you donít want them popping out of the wall after you hang up your mementos [photo 6].

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