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Origami crane made from leftover wrapping paper

To learn more about the tree and to check out some of the decorations up close, click on any box in the image at left. 

As a kid, I can remember watching my friends gleefully tear open their presents and feeling a mixture of simultaneous horror and fascination at the ever-growing mountain of crumpled and shredded paper. 
In my house, wrapping paper was meant to be reused, and from an early age, my mom taught us to carefully run our fingertips between the tape and the paper, and gently pry loose the gift while leaving the paper intact. Old habits die hard, and to this day, I can't stand to waste perfectly good used wrapping paper -- which is why I have piles and piles of neatly folded, gently creased, slightly marred paper from holidays and birthday celebrations past. Old paper can be used to wrap future gifts, of course, but it also makes a fine -- and free! -- source for crafting origami ornaments. Just cut up the paper into squares between 4" and 7" wide -- I like to have a range of sizes at my disposal to give my ornaments a little more variety. The crane fold is a very pretty and classic shape (check out these directions from sadako.com); once you've finished the bird, just tie a little loop of ribbon, thread or cording at the neck, and you're ready to hang it up.

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