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get crafty: Make a Futon Cover|  1 2 3 

Store-bought futon covers are ludicrously over-priced. Rather than throwing your money away on one – that most probably isn’t quite the right shade you had in mind anyway – try making your own. We’ll show you how to make a futon cover for a full-size mattress.

What you’ll need |
2 twin-size flat sheets
Matching all-purpose thread
(W*-5") length of ¾"-width velcro**

sewing machine
colored pencil 
measuring tape/ yardstick

* W= mattress width
** use black for dark-colored fabrics, white for light-colored ones

Approximate time |
You should be able to complete this in 1-2 nights worth of work.

Instructions |
1 Take apart the seams on the sheets. Tip: If you pull on the thread from the right direction, it should quite easily tear free from the fabric. To figure out which end to pull from, choose an arbitrary point along the middle of the length of the seam. Snip the thread. Try pulling in one direction; if there’s resistance, give the other direction a shot.

2 Wash the sheets to pre-shrink.

3 Measure the length, L, width, W, and height, H, of your futon mattress (fig. 1).  Write down
these measurements.

fig. 1 > 

Measure a width, w, equal to W+H+2" on each sheet (fig. 2). Mark with the colored pencil. Cut along the line.

< fig. 2  

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