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two bellies One week
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My kitchenís not quite completely devoid of anything resembling real food, but it feels like itís getting pretty close. I can tell because for the past four days, when Iíve peered into the fridge in an attempt to begin dealing with dinner, Iíve felt horribly uninspired to cook. I open the fridge. I close the fridge. I walk to the cupboards. Then walk back to the fridge. This routine cycles on until my boyfriend returns home, at which point I whine about how I donít know what to make for dinner. He offers to help, but then I remember that his idea of cooking a meal is to open a big can of baked beans, heat them on the stove, then dump them over rice. And anyway, weíre out of rice.

So tonightís dinner consists of a granola bar appetizer followed by a salad that rivals airplane greens in its pathetic-ness: the iceberg lettuce is old (so old Iím embarrassed to admit it was still lurking in my fridge), the carrots arenít crisp, and the skin on my red pepper is starting to shrivel. Itís been easily two weeks Ė maybe more Ė since weíve done a big supermarket run.

Iíve been putting off the inevitable trip to our local Safeway for several reasons. First, workís been busy and Iím just tired. The sort of tired where it doesnít matter how much sleep I get at night; my workdayís packed enough that I just feel drained at night. Second, Iíve been feeling poor. Not poorly, but poor, as in, I have no money. Now, in my head, I know thatís not really the case, since Iím fortunate enough never to have had to worry about whether I can actually afford to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly, in any month in my entire life. Nonetheless, the credit card bills Ė which, incidentally, I treat essentially like a debit card, and pay back in full at each and every billing to avoid that evil pit of despair called credit card debtĖ have been alarmingly high during the last couple of months. Mostly due to purchases like plane tickets to Boston (wedding planning), plane tickets to Denver (friendís wedding), repairing our exploding plumbing system (donít ask), and other unavoidable expenses, but nonetheless, itís started me thinking that maybe, just maybe, I ought to entertain the idea of learning to budget. Itís one of those things that Iíve heard real adults actually do.

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