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feeling saucy?  
simple equations for flav-o-rific food
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peanut sauce
the basic equation | (½ c. chunky peanut butter) + (½ c. coconut milk) + ( ¼ c. stock) + (3 tbsp. brown sugar) +(2 tbsp. lime juice) + (2 tsp. fish sauce) + (2 cloves minced garlic) + (½ tsp. minced ginger) + (chili pepper flakes)
technique | combine all ingredients except lime juice and fish sauce in a saucepan and cook until smooth; add lime juice and fish sauce just before serving
pairs best with | steamed/blanched veggies (esp. good with broccoli); grilled/broiled meats and veggies
simple variations on the equation |
(basic) – (fish sauce) = vegetarian peanut sauce

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Begin playing around with these basic sauces and you’ll find that there are so many possible variations and permutations, inventing "new" dishes will seem like a cinch. Add a little more of this, substitute some of that, get creative. These equations for sauce success are simply a starting point.

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