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Leftover Makeovers
6 ways to add new life to tired old leftovers
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5. Soups
Just about any un-sauced leftover can be added to canned or homemade chicken, veggie or beef broth for a good, filling soup. Leftover spaghetti and linguine work wonderfully for a big bowl of Asian-style noodle soup; use cooked beans to make chili or minestrone soup; throw some cooked rice and carrots into chicken broth and you've got a healthy chicken rice soup.
Ideal candidates | cooked un-sauced pasta, cooked rice, cooked or raw veggies, cooked beans, leftover roast chicken
Necessary materials | broth, stockpot
Basic recipe (serves 2) |

step 1: Bring 3 cups broth to a low boil.
step 2: Add leftovers, breaking them up into bite-sized pieces if necessary.
step 3: Season with salt and pepper. Add other herbs if desired (thyme and scallions both work well).

6. Bruschetta
When you’re living alone, or with just one other person, it’s nearly impossible to finish those big long loaves of French or Italian bread before staleness sets in. Bruschetta -- toast brushed in olive oil and rubbed with raw garlic -- is a good way to use up that not-so-fresh bread (don’t wait till your bread gets to the rock-hard stage, however … you need to be able to slice it). You can use bruschetta as is, or for a more filling dish, top with leftover pasta sauces, sautéed veggies, or for a classic Italian presentation, diced raw tomato and fresh basil.
Ideal candidates | pasta sauces, sautéed veggies, slightly stale French/Italian bread
Necessary materials | bread, olive oil, garlic, baking pan, oven
Basic recipe |

step 1: Toast the bread on a grill, or place in an oven on broil (you’ll want the rack at least 4 inches away from the heat source).
step 2: When both sides are golden, rub a peeled clove of garlic across each slice. Brush with olive oil.
step 3: Enjoy plain, or top as desired.

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