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Tandem Cooking 
by Cameron Walker |
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Along with this family history comes a very certain way of doing things.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that, should you be so foolish as to comment – even semi-jokingly -- on the other person’s certain things, you can be guaranteed at least a dirty look,  or cayenne pepper added in mass quantities to your plate.  You can learn HOW to do things from the other person—how to roll up a pot sticker, how to carve a flower out of a radish.  But now, instead of asking Chris WHY he’s slicing the bell peppers like that, I just stick to my own task.  We’ve started to separate what we’re doing, so that we can do things our own way and still have a great meal at the end.   

Ready to start learning to share your kitchen duties with another person? Here’s a two-person recipe, for those who want to cook together without getting in each other’s way.  But enough of my blabbing—let’s set up some counter space, grab the ingredients, and go!

The dinner menu
Orzo and Veggies
Spinach Salad with Caramelized Pecans
Apple-Berry Strudel

The shopping list
5 apples
1 package of phyllo dough (in frozen pastry section)
berries of your choice (one basket, or frozen package)
1 lb. orzo (a pasta)
1 pkg. frozen peas 
1 14 oz. can of corn, or 2 ears 
1 8 oz. package of pepper jack cheese 
Shredded parmesan 
1 bunch green onions a.k.a. scallions 
1 red pepper 
1 bunch of spinach (or one package pre-washed spinach) 
1 4 oz. package of pecans
1 package feta cheese

white sugar
olive oil 
balsamic vinegar
lemon juice

Weird kitchen item that you’ll need: small pastry brush

ready to start cooking? 


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