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Use What's 
in the
by Steve Loh  |
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You come home. Youíre hungry. Youíre tired. You want food. You look in the fridge to see...nothing. Caveman/ woman tendencies take over as the blood-sugar dips below the hard-deck level necessary for normal brain functions.

"Need eat..."
"Am hungry..."
"Want now..."
"No food here"
"Howie Mandel funny..."

Wuh-oh. Better get food in the system before you plummet into that irreparable damage zone of idiocy. The problem? "Thereís nothing here to eat." The half-eaten ingredients in your kitchen either do not fit into any recipe you have or simply beat you too easily in that daily staring contest you have with your refrigerator, causing your caveperson brain to conclude thereís nothing. What usually follows is, you reach for the dry cereal. Or a bag of chips. Or just a beer and call it quits.

Sure, you can order food. Sure, you can walk down to the corner Subway. Sure, you can have Capín Crunch sans milk or another frozen burrito or bowl of instant ramen. But donít. Health and finances take precedent here. Well, usually just finances, but Iím told health should be a concern (I love frozen burritos too--cheap, tasty, and easy--but after two weeks of Ďem, weíll see just how well the no-roughage diet affects your aging bodily functions). When you say thereís nothing to eat, think again. Youíve got food. I know you do. Thereís food in that there fridge. No matter what the hell it is, Iím here to say it can be eaten.

Question: What do I cook for dinner? Answer: Use whatís in the fridge...

In this series, I plan to chronicle my dinners made using only whatís in my fridge (kitchen). These items will be the actual items in my fridge, not some imaginary gourmet stockpile. And, since I donít usually plan days in advance for my meals, these dishes will be quick and easy to satisfy the caveperson hunger. Iíd like to use the term "tasty," too, but further on, I might have to get risky as the contents of my fridge shrivel to seemingly uncouth items.

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