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making maki sushi |  1 2 3 4

The technique (inside-out maki)
The inside-out roll seems, by all accounts, to be a non-Japanese invention. The popular California roll is an example of this sort of maki Ö it takes slightly more work than the traditional roll, but looks very impressive.

1 Lay your bamboo mat on a flat surface, with the slats parallel to you.
2 Place a piece of saran wrap onto the mat. (fig. 7)
3 Lay a half sheet of nori onto the mat.
4 Cover the nori with rice (fig. 8) and flip the entire piece over, in such a way that the rice is now directly on top of the saran wrap and the nori faces up.
5 Lay the desired ingredient(s) in a strip near the end thatís closest to you (about an inch from the bottom edge). (fig. 9)
6 Lift up the edge of the mat thatís closest to you and, with your thumbs on the bottom of the mat and your fingers tucking the nori/ingredients carefully into place.
7 Keep rolling (make sure to pull the bamboo mat out a little at a time as you work, so that you donít roll it in along with the ingredients) until youíve formed a tight roll.
8 If desired, sprinkle a plate with flying fish roe or with sesame seeds; turn the completed roll around on the plate until the rice is covered. (fig. 10)
9 With a sharp knife, slice the roll cross-wise into ĺ" slices.

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Donít worry if the process has you a little mystified at first Ö after youíve made one or two, youíll be whipping up maki sushi like a pro. Then you can invite all your friends over for a little sushi-making party; just make the rice ahead of time, set out a couple of bamboo mats along with an assortment of ingredients and have all your guests make their own. Now hop on over to the recipes and get practicing!

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