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costumed for cheap
by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3
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Obviously, some types of clothing are easier to alter than others Ė an A-line skirt and a T-shirt will be far easier to tailor to fit you properly than a fussy formal gown Ė but generally, Iíve found that as long as I pay attention to how the pieces of fabric that make up a piece of clothing fit together as Iím taking the seams apart, itís generally not too difficult to put things back together again. Sure, sleeves end up occasionally (okay generally) a little asymmetrical, hems not quite straight, but when youíre wearing something as a costume, a little imperfection is okay.

Hint: For simple hems, and other basic "sewing" needs, fusible tape (Stitch-Witchery for example) works great as a no-sew alternative. A friend of mine once made a perfect Wilma Flintstone dress without sewing a single stitch.

6 Get crafty. Itís pretty rare indeed that anything you pick up at the thrift shops will be exactly right for your costume as isÖ that white shirt needs a few stripes painted on it, that pink skirt needs a feather trim, those white go-go boots really ought to be silver, that black velvet leotard that youíre using for a spider costume needs some extra legs attached to it. Fabric pens, spraypaint, and the old hot glue gun can be your best friends when it comes time to add those all-important finishing touches. Raiding your recycling bin, garage or attic can yield all sorts of items that can be turned into costume parts: cardboard can be recycled to make a variety of props and accessories, and old stockings can be stuffed and wired to make pose-able legs. Discount fabric stores, as well as craft stores like Joannís or Michaelís, are also good places to look for those extra little somethings to complete your costume.

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Most of all, remember that in the end, the whole point of a costume party is to let loose, and have a blast. So donít work yourself into a nervous tizzy trying to create The Worldís Best Costume, and concentrate instead on just having fun with it all.

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