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party tools how to stock your kitchen for better hosting
by Yee-Fan Sun
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serve it
Of course, getting the goodies made is just the first step in prepping party fare. Once you’ve created your delectable little party eats, you’ll need to serve them up. Start accumulating these items and you’ll be good to go…

Wood cutting boards: While plastic cutting boards are generally considered more hygienic, I always keep a couple of nice sturdy wooden cutting boards on hand as well. Not only do they feel nice to chop my veggies and fruit on -- I save the meat-prep for the more sanitary plastic boards -- but wooden boards make excellent serving surfaces. Their beautiful natural grain makes a great backdrop for just about any display of hors d’oeuvres; the fact that you can cut on them makes them perfect for serving up a cheese selection or some crusty bread.

Big bowl: Whether it’s to serve up a gorgeous pasta dish, a fresh green salad, a bounty of fresh fruits in season, or a vat of sparkly-sweet punch, a big beautiful bowl is a must-have for serving up the masses. If you’re short on storage space, get a sturdy, colorful ceramic bowl that can also serve double-duty as a mixing bowl. Wooden and glass bowls also make for very purty serve-ware, and as an added bonus, they’re easy to find for cheap at thrift stores and yard sales.

Ladle and cake-server: Sure, you could wiggle that piece of cake out onto a plate with a well-balanced fork; yeah, you could spoon out the soup with any big spoon. But having the proper utensils around to do the job will make both tasks a whole lot easier and more elegant.


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