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7 Steps on the Path 
Party Nirvana |
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Some people seem born with the secrets that make them perfect hosts/hostesses. Blessed with some innate knowledge that allows them to transform an ordinary living space into party nirvana, their get-togethers never fail to ensure all guests a great time. For those of us less naturally-gifted, however, a few simple words of adviceÖ

1 Have a well-stocked beverage selection.
Now be honest: have you ever been to a good party that didnít provide ample alcohol for its guests? Now I am not a lush, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a simple fact that the majority of people find it easier to mingle, converse with strangers, disco the night away, in short, relax and just have fun, when theyíve had a drink (or two or three) to wash their shy tendencies away. So, make sure your bar is sensibly and sufficiently-stocked. Bear in mind that a typical 750 ml bottle of liquor will yield approximately 12-15 drinks, and that you should anticipate about 3 drinks consumed/guest. Youíll also want plenty of soda and juice, enough for making mixed drinks and to cater to anyone who might be abstaining from alcohol.

As an added consideration to your guests (in an effort to minimize the nasty effects of the morning-after), youíll want to make sure that thereís plenty of water available. If your tap water is undrinkable/unpalatable, have several jugs of filtered or spring water on hand.

2 Make your own food, and lots of it.
Good food makes people happy. And since for most of us, fancy-schmancy catered affairs probably arenít an option, the best way to get good food is to make it ourselves. No whining about how youíre an awful cook and completely clueless in the kitchen: anyone can follow a good recipe and turn out something tasty. If the thought of cooking truly fills you with panic, and you donít trust yourself to be able to pick out a few easy-to-follow recipes from a cookbook, ask friends for their recipes (chances are good they might even offer to help cook).

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