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wall art
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So you’ve finally decided to get some pictures up on those vast, empty walls of your humble abode. Terrific – all you’ll need to do is bang a few nails into the wall, then plop your pictures in place, right? Alas … there’s a bit more to the process than that, and the first step is to decide what to put where. Improperly placed artwork can look worse than no artwork at all, but have no fear: armed with a little bit of our advice on arranging basics, you’ll be accessorizing those walls like a pro in no time.

1. Make a sketch. Don’t, I repeat do not, just start hammering nails into your walls. You’ll save yourself a lot of work – and the potential wrath of your landlord, who I can guarantee is not a fan of the Swiss cheese look for walls – if you do a little planning in advance. Sketches are the easiest way to experiment with different potential positions to place your wall art. Use graph paper and you can easily sketch to scale. Alternatively, you can cut out pieces of newsprint that are the size of your frames, then tack them on the wall with poster-gum to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t.

2. Get a friend to help. It’s next to impossible to judge what your pictures are going to look like when you’re standing there with cheek pressed to the wall, holding the frames up for placement. Enlist the help of a patient friend and get them to hold up the frames while you stand back and decide what works and what doesn’t.

3. Use pictures to bring emphasis to specific areas of the room. Take a good look at your room. Where do your eyes naturally wander when you first walk into the room? When you’re sitting in your favorite sofa? When you’re sitting where your guests usually sit? When you’re leaving the room? These are the areas that you’ll generally want to focus on when deciding where to place your pictures. If any of these areas lacks anything of interest to look at, then wall art is your answer. Low furniture placed against the wall generally benefits greatly from the addition of some art just above, to add some vertical interest to the wall. The areas above  fireplaces are also prime spots for featuring some pictures.

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