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a Throw

illow COVER
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One of the quickest ways to change the feel of a room: change your throw pillow covers to create a fresh new color scheme. Pillow covers were the first things I ever learned to sew, so rest assured that they're among the easiest sewing projects you could possibly tackle. Check out our illustrated, step-by-step instructions for the most basic pillow cover, along with some suggestions for (very) slightly more complicated variations.

Basic Pillow Cover
What you’ll need |
piece of fabric, (w"+2") x (2l"+5")
Matching all-purpose thread
sewing machine
colored pencil 
measuring tape/ yardstick
pair of scissors

* w = pillow width; l = pillow length

Approximate time |
You should be able to complete this in 2 hours or less.

Instructions |
1 Measure the length, l, and width, w of the pillow to be covered. If you don't have any old throw pillows to cover, you can buy pillow forms (uncovered pillows) at any fabric or craft store.

fig. 1 > 


2 Determine how much fabric you'll need, then hop over to your favorite fabric store, and hunt down the perfect fabric for your pillow covers. Color, texture, pattern, and fabric weight are all factors you should keep in mind as you shop. Buy a little more than you think you need, to accommodate for mismeasuring and spaz attacks.

3 Wash the fabric to pre-shrink, then cut to size.

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