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molly, 26 (web producer)

new york, ny usa
the pad
I just "finished" decorating after almost a year of indecisiveness. I have
a really tiny studio and was at the point where I wanted to buy furniture that I'd keep for a while. My existing accessories tended toward the baroque, as did my bed, and since the room is so small that the bed becomes impossible to overlook, I decided to just run with it. Several trips to the thrift store (and a lucky chaise longue find on ebay) later, I have a coordinated "look" for my tiny living space.
smart solutions 
My walls were hideous, bright white and the lease says no painting. My solution was to staplegun grasscloth wallpaper to the walls. In a nice dark pattern so I didn't have to be too careful about matching up the lines. We'll see if this was a smart idea when it comes time to move in another year or so, but in theory it should be pretty easy to take down.


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