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leslie ann, 46 (independent jazz/folk/rock/blues CD radio promoter + graphic designer)
san francisco, ca, usa
the pad
a one-bedroom flat
a livable workspace 
says Leslie Ann: "You’ll notice there’s no living room. I’ve used the living room as my office, with 2 comfy chairs for clients and my Chinese handmade carpet to delineate some personal space. [The wrap-around workspace] takes up a large portion of the living roosm space, but I love this unit … it offers a very professional appearance, and helps to organize my business of promoting music for radio play. The images of jazz and blues legends that surround me every day give me great energy for the promotional work that I do."
where to find those fabulous chairs and dressers ...
One of Leslie Ann's favorite sources for home furnishings is Maysher in San Francisco.  Call (415) 564-3341or stop by the store at 1377 9th Avenue.
déja vu?
Think this place looks familiar? Leslie Ann's funky home-office flat was featured on the Christopher Lowell's 2000 Home Office show, as the "You Did It!" segment. Leslie Ann notes: "The filming took 9 hours for a 7 minute segment."


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