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$50, two bellies, One week
part one: the shopping list |
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After looking at a recent post on the boards concerning what youd buy if you could only spend $30 on groceries a week, I had the frightening realization that I havent the foggiest idea of how much my boyfriend and I spend on food. So Ive devised the following mission for this week: See how well $50 can feed two people for one whole week.

The menu
After taking stock of our current supplies weve got plenty of oils, herbs, spices and pasta, but are in desperate need of more substantial foodstuffs, like fresh veggies and meat, as well as such basics as flour, rice and sugar I sit down and make a list of what Ill want to cook this week. Yes, I do all the cooking in this household, a fact which bothers me not the slightest, since I quite like the chore. Frankly Id much rather be slicing and dicing the veggies than having to put away the dishes, which is what he gets to do instead.
Pre-Shopping Contents of Fridge & Cupboards
1+ 1/2 red peppers (slightly wrinkled)
1 orange pepper (good condition a fact which I find possibly worrisome should peppers still look perfectly pristine after theyve been sitting around in the depths of the crisper for a good two weeks?)
2 heads garlic
4 carrots (pretty old)
2 granny smith apples (ancient)
plain yogurt
lowfat sour cream
leftover spicy black bean mixture (1 small serving)
leftover moroccan chickpea stew (less than 1 small serving)
leftover cooked rice (1 serving)
gallon skim milk
4 eggs
1 can refried beans (Spicy Jalapeno flavored)
1 package flour tortillas
things I have in abundance: pasta, oils, spices, condiments, salt, pepper, canned tomatoes, olives, fresh basil, frozen Boca Brand veggie burgers, frozen peas, granola bars, cereal

Were not real breakfast people, so I take no consideration of that meal. Lunches I like to keep simple: leftovers from the previous night, sandwiches, or burritos. Since I work out of the house, I eat lunch at home everyday, as does my grad student boyfriend most days, now that hes no longer taking classes and has plenty of freedom with his schedule. Weve still got a can of refried beans and a big stack of tortillas, which should easily provide lunches for both of us for at least two days. I figure Ill buy a big loaf of Italian bread keeps better than French bread, and is infinitely tastier than pre-sliced sandwich bread and a few cans of tuna, giving us tuna salad sandwiches for another couple of days. The leftover bean and chickpea mixtures can be wrapped up in tortillas for a fifth lunch, and the remaining two lunches Ill improvise with whatever other leftovers I manage to generate during the course of the week.

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