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chicken Soup DAYS 
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There are just two factors I care about when Im sick and in need of sustenance: that what I cook will taste soothing, and that while it cooks, I dont have to be actively doing much. Sickie foods should be simple, both in taste and in preparation. While under all normal circumstances, I may love nothing more than spicy foods, exotic flavors, novel textures, adventurous menus, I want none of that excitement when I am sick. I want foods that are familiar and unchallenging, predictably satisfying. I want no surprises.

Chicken Soup with Stuff
Chicken soup is a miracle of simplicity. Homemade, with just the most humble of ingredients chicken wings, celery, carrot, potato peel, onion it is good enough to eat plain. Even if you are not so fortunate as to have homemade chicken broth on hand, the canned stuff can be easily transformed into something quite tasty and nutritious.

Start with two cups of broth, and slowly bring it to a gentle boil on the stove. While it is heating, chop some onion and a big carrot. Tomato and potato are good, if you have them, as are mushrooms, even plain old button. But all you really need are the carrot and onion. When the broth is bubbling, lower the heat to medium-low, so that it sends up just a few bubbles at a time. Add the veggies. You can also add cooked or raw (diced) chicken at this point, or rice or barley. Simmer, covered, until the veggies are good and soft and the chicken and rice/barley are cooked through. You can go back to your sofa while the soup is cooking, checking on it after twenty minutes or so for the rice, an hour or so for the barley.

Should you desire noodles instead, cook the veggies for ten minutes or so. Add small bits of noodle and cook until soft. Season with salt and pepper and ladle into a BDB (big deep bowl). Clutch your BDB between your two cold hands (pull your robe over your hands as makeshift oven mitts if the bowl is too hot to handle) and shuffle back to the sofa. Sip slowly while you watch bad TV.

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