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For three days now my boy and I have eaten like kids apple pie for breakfast, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes for lunch, for dinner maybe a turkey-stuffing-sweet-potato sandwich drenched in thick brown gravy. We've made a good dent in that mountain of Tupperware-d Thanksgiving remainders devoured the potatoes, licked clean the bowl of cranberry sauce, put away more pies in our bellies than I care to count. I swear I love Thanksgiving nearly as much for those leftovers as for the feast itself.

Still, there's only so much plain cold turkey a person can handle. No matter how tasty that turkey might be, I inevitably get bored with the same old flavors and textures before the leftovers actually run out. This, then, is the reason that, for all the very many things I find myself feeling grateful for at holiday time, I give my thanks especially to the existence of one minor culinary miracle: the pot pie.

Pot pies are one of my favorite comfort foods, and can be whipped up with just about whatever combination of fresh meat and veggies you happen to have on hand. But the true genius of pot pie is its ability to transform tired holiday leftovers into a brand-spanking "new", hearty and satisfying, homemade meal. Year after year, my mother makes a phenomenally flavorful, juicy Thanksgiving turkey and always, we beg her to make sure she's cooked enough to yield leftovers for a simple pot pie.

So this year, having served up my very own Thanksgiving feast for the first time, I woke up the Sunday afterwards with pot pie on the brain. A long-distance phone call to Boston later, I had mom's recipe hastily scribbled across four purple Post-its.

Use the recipe that follows as a starting point for inspiration
pot pie is really very versatile. Lack carrots? Up the peas. Have leftover Thanksgiving green beans? Toss those in the mix. Not enough turkey? Substitute with some chicken, beef, even chopped mushrooms for an all-veggie pie. And if you have leftover gravy, polish it off by using it as a thickener for your pie filling.

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