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2 Lazy Pasta
A friend of mine spent a year in Florence, and she can do amazing things with tomato sauce and cucumbers.  When youíre really hungry, though, you donít necessarily feel like standing over the saucepan stirring for twenty minutes, just to soften onions (this is before making the rest of the sauce).  Iím a big fan of the dump-and-stir school of pasta-making.  You canít go wrong with a bit of nicely al-dente pasta mixed around with some aromatic ingredients.

pasta (I find this works best with bowtie or penne, but feel free to experiment.)
feta cheese
sundried tomatoes
olive oil
salt (optional)

Boil water and cook the pasta until itís al dente (follow the instructions on your pasta bag for this part, as cooking times vary).

While your pasta is cooking, prepare your ingredients.  Take a fork and mash up a bit of your block of feta so itís nice and crumbly.  Fork a few sundried tomatoes out of the jar, and slice them into more manageable pieces.  I recommend buying the kind that come in jar and are stored in oil, rather than the ones packed dry.  Add feta and sundried tomatoes to taste.  (Err on the side of overabundance.)

When the pasta has finished cooking, drain it, put it back in the pot and take it off the heat.  Dump in the tomatoes and the feta, and stir thoroughly.  Add olive oil and salt to taste, but donít forget that thereís oil and salt in the tomatoes and feta, too.  Itís filling but still light, a great dish for a bright summer evening. 

(Note: one tasty variation is to substitute capers for the sundried tomatoes.  They go brilliantly with the feta.)

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