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Today's special | Futomaki 

Feel free to experiment a bit with the ingredients -- substitute another green vegetable (cucumber works well) for the spinach, omit the pork sung/pink fish powder to make it vegetarian ... 


3 eggs
2 stalks spinach
4 large dried shiitake mushrooms
[soaked in warm water]
4 ribbons kampyo*
pork sung [rou sung] or Japanese pink fish powder
6 pieces nori
1 portion cooked sushi rice
stock (preferably dashi, or veggie)
time 30 min
serves 4

1. Eggs: Lightly beat the eggs, along with 1 T. sugar, 1 tsp water/stock and a pinch of salt. Heat oil in a skillet. Pour in the egg mixture to form an omelet. When both sides of the omelet are set, slide the omelet from the pan. Cut into long, 1/2" wide slices.
Spinach: Boil until wilted.
Mushroom & Kampyo: Boil both in 2 cups stock (dashi or veggie), along with 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp wine,1 tsp sugar and tsp. salt. Slice the mushrooms into strips. Cut the kampyo into strips that are the same length as the nori sheets
2. Lay a bamboo rolling mat on a flat work surface. Place 1 sheet of nori on the mat. Smooth a thin layer of rice to cover approx. 2/3 of the sheet [leaving a space at the end farthest away from you]. Wet fingers in vinegared water to smooth on the rice evenly. ( need help with the rolling technique? )
3. Sprinkle a strip of pork sung on top of the rice, spanning the width of the nori. Place a strip of egg, a strip of spinach, strips of mushroom to extend the width of the nori, and a strip of kampyo on top of the rice, near the end closest to you.
4. Roll sushi, taking care not to let the ingredients slide around or the nori to skew.
5. Repeat with remaining ingredients. When you've finished making the rolls, cut each roll into 3/4" thick slices. Serve.


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