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Rx for Xs & Os an aphrodisiac-inspired Valentine's Day fete by Mandy Karls | 1 2 3 4
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In addition to color and scent, a recent study conducted by Penn State music and psychology students confirms music is a powerful tool for engendering and intensifying positive emotions too. Science aside, the notion that music can affect mood is no real secret. Just try watching your favorite epic without the soundtrack if you're not convinced. Like a good movie, your party should have a soundtrack too. Burn several CDs with different types of music to help set the mood as the evening progresses. Label each CD to indicate the general theme ("ambient," "funky," "groovy," "chill," etc.) so that you and your guests can play them at appropriate points in the night.

mix it up
Of course no party would be complete without the guests. While this party can be booked as singles-only evening, there's no reason not to invite couples too. In either case encourage guests to help "stock the pond" by bringing a single friend who is not on the guest list. No matter who you invite, keep in mind that it's always awkward to be one of the first people at a party. Ask a couple of good friends who don't mind coming early to be your "party starters" and help mingle with guests as they arrive.
feeling groovy
Don't forget to also expose your guests to tactile elements throughout the evening. Skin is the body's largest organ and contains over four million nerve endings that are sensitive to touch. Soft and silky fabrics create especially pleasurable sensations when they come in contact with the skin. Girls, if you're like me you probably have at least one satin wrap that came with a bridesmaid's dress you've only worn once. Pull that puppy out of the closet and use it as a sleek table runner. You can also pick up silky table linens from your local party rental center. They're surprisingly affordable -- especially the napkins -- and you usually don't have to wash them before you bring them back. Velvet and chenille throw pillows make for cozy floor cushions and compensate for a lack of seating options.

Mandy Karls lives in St. Paul, Minnesota where she enjoys entertaining and cooking for family and friends. Luckily, they don't seem to mind. Mandy has always had a passion for getting others excited about great food. While coordinating local culinary programming and marketing for an international natural foods retailer she was recognized as a "PR Genius" by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Although she is currently completing her law degree, Mandy's flair for party planning and gastronomic curiosity continue to provide an outlet for her creative energy.

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