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cooking for a crowd
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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good candidates for volume cooking
Some kinds of dishes are just inherently better suited for large-volume cooking than others. Here are a few ideas for crowd-friendly foods…

stuff in a pan | Baked eats are nice because they can generally be prepped way ahead of time, and just need to be reheated before serving. 
Try: lasagna and other baked pastas, shepherd's pie, pot pie, quiche

stuff in a pot | Like the aforementioned baked stuff, stewy type eats can be made well in advance, and generally taste better when they've had time for the flavors to sit and mingle; moreover, these dishes tend to be pretty forgiving … add a little more or less of one ingredient or another, and the end result will still generally be fine. 
Try: gumbo, chili

stuff on the grill | The benefit of the grill is that it gets the cook out where the party is, making the cooking part of the fun. 
Try: burgers, brats (boil 'em in beer first for the best flavor), kebabs, jerk chicken

stuff that's good for communal food 
prep |
Making 400 potstickers all by your lonesome is a chore; get your friends and family to help and it's a par-tay. 
Try: dumplings, ravioli, sushi

stuff where folks assemble their own | Get your guests involved with the food prep, and make it DIY. 
Try: soft taco or burrito bar, baked potato bar, Asian summer noodle bar (serve peanut sauce and honey-scallion-soy sauce, an assortment of meat and veggies, cold cooked noodles)

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Feeding a hungry crowd might seem like a task best left to catering pros, but with an eager team of volunteers to help you out and some sensible planning, you'll save a whole lot of money -- and have fun cooking too.


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