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wine 101: 
crash Course for 
wine novice 
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So you and your roomies have stopped at the liquor shop, on your way over to another friend’s place for a nice dinner, and the three of you are standing there in front of the giant wall o’ wine staring dumbstruck as you realize you haven’t a clue as to how to pick just one or two from the vast sea of nearly identically-shaped bottles. Or you’re on a date at a fancy Italian restaurant, eyes glazing over as you thumb through page after page of a wine list filled with undecipherable words. In either case, you’re too embarrassed to admit that you can’t even pronounce "Pinot Grigio," much less tell the difference between it and a Chardonnay. We’re old enough now to know that there are certain occasions in life that just call for a good glass of wine, but heck if we know the difference between a "hearty, robust red with a hint of chocolate and pleasant plum notes" versus one with "ripe berry flavors and a well-balanced palate."

For the un-initiated, there’s something decidedly intimidating about the world of wine. The wine experts out there are (seemingly) ubiquitous, and all set to pounce on any opportunity to ridicule us poor non-connoisseurs for our lack of sophistication. If you’re certain you must have missed that day in college where they went over "how to pick a wine and not look like an idiot," fear not: you’re not the only one. Forget about the wine snobs: no one was born knowing this stuff, and there’s no shame in admitting your wine ignorance. Welcome to Wine 101. Below, a brief primer to help you get started with your wine education …

Basic types: Table, Fortified, Sparkling
Table wines are what most of us think of when we think of wines – the non-carbonated, dry-ish stuff that you drink with a fancy dinner. Fortified wines are your after-dinner, dessert wines – higher in alcohol content, and oftentimes quite sweet, these are your ports, your sherries, etc. Sparkling wines are the fizzy wines, the most famous example being Champagne.

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