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in the black
guinness-based cocktails

by Yee-Fan Sun

Skip the scary green beer this St Patrick’s Day and opt for something that’ll actually taste, well, not gross. A simple pint of everyone’s favorite Irish stout, Guinness, would do nicely. But if you’re up for a little more experimenting, here are some easy cocktail recipes that make fine use of the good ol’ black stuff…

black and tan
Though the layered look isn’t strictly necessary for enjoyment of the drink itself, it’ll earn you definite style points.

1 part Guinness
1 part lighter-colored ale/lager, like Bass Pale Ale

Fill a big glass half full of the lighter beer. Carefully layer the Guinness on top by pouring it very gently down the side of the glass, or over the back of a spoon.

black fog
Combine the chocolate-y flavors of Guinness with a dollop of Chambord and you have a tasty beverage reminiscent of raspberry truffles.

pint of Guinness
good splash of Chambord

Pour your Guinness into a big glass. Drop a splash of Chambord onto the head.

paddy’s caffeine
Another easy concoction that plays on the luscious chocolate yumminess of Guinness.

pint of Guinness
shot of Tia Maria or other coffee-flavored liqueur

Add the Tia Maria to a big glass. Pour your Guinness, and enjoy.

irish car bomb
Looking to get a little rowdier with your drinking escapades? The Irish Car Bomb combines three classic Irish quaffables into one killer shot; it starts off tasting like a beer, then soon gives way to a sort of milkshake flavor. Chug it in one go, as the cream will soon curdle rather unappetizingly. A wee bit frat party-esque, but guaranteed to liven things up.

½ pint o’ Guinness
1 oz. Jameson’s Irish Whiskey
½ oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream

Pour the Guinness into a big glass. In a shot glass, pour the Irish Cream, then layer the whiskey on top. Drop the whole shot glass concoction into the beer, and drink up.

More drinks for your March 17th feasting: black velvet, Irish coffee

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