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flick or treat
host a halloween movie night

by Yee-Fan Sun
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All your favorite thrift stores are boasting kitschy fun costumes in their display windows; the telephone poles are awash in flyers advertising debauched Halloween carousing at one club of another. In years past, you’ve done the crazy costume party thing yourself, checked out the annual parade, endured the bar crawl. This year, though, no real plans have yet materialized. You’re too broke to spend a night out on the town; you’re too stressed to labor over a creative costume; you’ve recently moved to a new pad, and the place just isn’t fit to host a great big crowd of rowdy masqueraded revelers.

Still, with less than two weeks left till Halloween, you’re feeling a little bummed that you have no plans for celebrating one of the best holidays of the year. But wait -- no need to resign yourself to a boring night at home just yet. With only a modicum of advance prep, you can pull together a Halloween movie night for you and your fellow party-deprived pals that’s low on money and effort, but still buckets o’ fun. Here’s the lowdown on how to host a fabulous movie spook-a-thon…

pick a theme
One of the great things about hosting a Halloween movie night is that you can tailor it to suit just about any crowd simply by adjusting the movie theme. Halloween movies come in all sorts of styles and genres, from bloody gore-fests and creepy psychological thrillers to classic kiddie animations and lighthearted comedies. You can choose mainstream blockbusters or indie arthouse gems; go for thrills and scares, or aim for laughs and nostalgia. So the first thing to figure out, once you’ve set your mind to hosting your film fest, is what movies you’re going to show. Choose two or three flicks that relate to one another, and that are likely to go over well with your particular group of pals. A few themed ideas to get you started …

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