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last-minute party food
by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3
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veggies and dip | My favorite dip, made with caramelized onions, takes me 20-30 minutes to slowly cook those onions to perfection, then 2 days to let the flavors of the dip properly meld. The sad truth is that my second favorite dip is just as popular with friends, and takes about 30 seconds to throw together. Yup, the good old onion soup mix stirred into sour cream makes for a pretty darn tasty dip, and no one except the total food snob can ever resist from scarfing it down. Personally, I far prefer it to any ready-made supermarket dip I’ve tasted; if stirring powdered soup into sour cream is more effort than you can muster, though, flavored cream cheese or boursin cheese makes a good ready-to-go dip for raw veggies – just make sure your veggies are sturdy enough to scoop up the cheese easily. You can also cut down on your prep time by serving the dip with ready-to-eat, no peeling and cutting required, baby carrots.

frozen hors-d’oeuvres | If you happen to have a batch of homemade miniature quiches sitting around in your freezer, by all means serve them. But for anyone who’s not a perfect Martha Stewart clone, cheat a little: take a trip to the frozen foods section of your favorite market, which will no doubt reveal a dazzling array of ready-to-pop-in-the-oven appetizers – spanokopita, mini tartlets, whatever -- that require no more work from you than throwing the goodies out onto a baking sheet, and reheating them for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Add in any two of the following …
bag of potato chips: A bowl of good potato chips, or if you’re feeling like a fancy-pants, those bags of chips that include an assortment of taro root, sweet potato, cassava and other potato-like offerings – they look beautiful and taste yummy. Whatever you choose, please, for the love of god, don’t serve the chips straight out of the bag. Pour them into a big bowl before setting them out for all your friends to gorge on.
tortilla chips and salsa: Remember what I said about serving the potato chips? Same goes for chips and salsa.
bag of pretzels
bowl of nuts

Plus one of the following …
big bowl of fresh strawberries – best in season, when they’re cheap and sweet, during spring
big bowl of fresh cherries – best in season, when they’re cheap and sweet, during summer
big bowl of seedless grapes – pretty much always good.

o o o

Even when you’re doing the semi-spontaneous party, though, a tiny bit of planning can help heaps. Take five minutes to decide what you need to buy, make a shopping list, swing by your favorite market, and once you get home, you should be able to get everything out onto the table in thirty minutes or so.

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