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flick pick | Walking and Talking 1996
Directed by: Nicole Holofcener
Catherine Keener, Anne Heche, Todd Field, Liev Shreiber, Kevin Corrigan
Language: English
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quintessentially quasi-adult, witty

Plot synopsis Amelia and Laura are late twenty-something/early thirty-something New Yorkers who’ve been best friends since childhood. The two share everything – an apartment, a cat, and, of course, their every worry, fear, and obsession. But when Laura gets engaged to Frank and moves out of the apartment to live with him, Amelia’s left feeling just a tad deserted in the wake of her friend’s departure to the land of happy-coupledom. It doesn't help matters much that Amelia’s own social life is a mess, consisting of too much time spent with her ex-boyfriend Andrew and the occasional desperate stab at dating (at one point it gets so bad that she actually consents to go out with the geeky video store clerk, known not-so-affectionately as the Ugly Guy, who’s been hitting on her for ages but whom she finds somewhat physically repellent). Meanwhile, Laura’s discovering that the not-so-single life is a bit more confining than she might have liked

Review Funny, smart and lightly cynical in that sort of Woody-Allen-neurotic way, this is a talky comedy about late 20something/ early 30something friendship and love. It’s a firmly character-driven flick – not a whole lot happens beyond the very minor ups and downs of normal, everyday life. Fortunately, the characters are uniformly likeable, quite a feat given their penchants towards self-involved over-analysis. Catherine Keener’s Amelia, in particular, is a hilarious blend of occasional ego-centrism (she honestly feels like she’s stooped beneath her level when she deigns to go out with the Ugly Guy) and constant insecurity (she’s convinced that there’s something deeply, deeply  wrong with her because she can’t manage to keep a relationship going). The other actors – particularly Liev Shreiber as Amelia’s porn-obsessed ex and Kevin Corrigan as the very weird but oddly sweet Ugly Guy – also turn in great performances.



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