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easy entryway organizing
fight the front hall chaos

by Yee-Fan Sun
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Itís been over half a year since we moved into our apartment here in Toronto, and for months now, Iíd walk in the front door and try my best to ignore the growing mess. See, while the rest of our digs have been slowly taking shape, our tiny little nook of a front entryway has turned into a case of entropy in action, with piles of this, that and who knows what accumulating in ever more random a fashion. Winter, of course, has only exacerbated the problem, with big coats and fuzzy hats seeming to breed exponentially, and a salt-and-mud crust steadily forming over the front door floor. Last week, with chaos levels finally exceeding my clutter-and-filth tolerance levels, I broke down at last. No more averting my eyes from the horror that was my front hall: it was time to bring a little order to the entryway.

If you too find yourself cringing each time you walk in and out the front door of your otherwise lovely abode, quit avoiding the problem. Take just a little time to implement some minor Ė and totally affordable Ė changes, and youíll find itís easy to reign in the entryway disorder. Check out some of these ideasÖ

1 Nice (coat) rack. If you donít have an entryway coat closet, youíll be needing a good place to hang up your jacket when you walk in the door. A simple coat rack works in even the smallest of spaces, and you can find them in styles to suit just about any décor.

2 Totally pegged. In addition to snagging yourself a coat rack, itís also nice to have extra space to hang jackets when guests stop over for a visit. Make use of whatever wall space you can eke out by installing some pegs or hooks, which are also handy for hanging smaller items like scarves, hats, bags and umbrellas.

3 Shelf life. Meanwhile, you can further optimize your wall storage by adding a shelf or two. With shelf in place, youíll have the perfect spot to pop on a bowl where you can throw your keys, add some small funky storage boxes to stash hats and gloves, or place a small mail organizer for incoming and outgoing mail.

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