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Let me just say straight off the bat (and please, don’t be offended): I hate posters. Yes, they’re cheap; certainly, they can do a dandy job of covering a very large area of ugly apartment wall; and okay, maybe some of them even feature lovely artwork. But there’s something about the idea of mass-produced prints that reeks of manufactured, society-approved "good taste" – and frankly, I’m of the opinion that walls should do more than look pretty for guests. The best walls I’ve seen all share one thing in common: they say something about the unique personality of the person who lives within their confines.

Back in the high school days, decorating the walls of my bedroom meant plastering them floor to ceiling with glossy magazine cut-outs of cute celebrity heartthrobs (nothing like waking up to Keanu – in his Bill-and-Ted stage of life – goofily smiling down at you) and mammoth-sized posters promoting my favorite bands (Depeche Mode made way for R.E.M. + U2, made way for the Pixies). Maximum wall coverage was the goal, and the more crap I could tack up to declare my loves and obsessions, the better. I used my walls to express me … and whether the outcome was attractive or not was completely irrelevant. In college, I had an epiphany: wall decorations could serve an aesthetic function! Up went the stereotypical college standards – Klimt’s Kiss, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, a whole slew of Matisse cut-out prints – and into the closet and trash went any hint of real personality. Clearly I’d moved to the other extreme … all looks and no substance, insta-style that made my room look like every other college freshman girl’s dorm room.

These days, I’d like to think I’ve finally learned to achieve the proper balance: creating walls that are both nice to look at, and are uniquely, undeniably representative of me. Admittedly, the fact that I was a visual arts major in college has helped – final projects for photo classes, drawing classes, printmaking classes and the like, have provided a wide body of original artwork from which to choose for display. I’m no Picasso or Cartier-Bresson, to be sure, but there’s something nice about the fact that the vast majority of what’s on my walls are my creations – images with stories behind them, pictures that connect to my past, objects that provide a starting point for discussion with guests that come to visit.

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