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in the mood for something ... lovey?
If you want something that makes you feel like snuggling up next to your honey, look for these flicks at your video store. 
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10 Things I Hate about You 1999 comedy
Amelie 2001 foreign [France]
All Over the Guy 2002 comedy
Annie Hall 1977 comedy
Apartment, The 1960 drama, comedy, classic
Beautiful Girls 1996 drama
Before Sunrise 1995 drama, romance
Before Sunset 2004 drama, romance
Brokeback Mountain 2005 drama
Casablanca 1942 classic
Chungking Express 1994 foreign [Hong Kong]
Conversations with Other Women 2006 drama
Code 46 2004 sci-fi, drama
Cooler, The 2003 drama
Flirting 1991 foreign [Australia], drama
Fond Kiss, A 2004 drama
Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994 comedy
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 drama
Garden State 2004 drama
Girlfight 2000 drama
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997 comedy
Harold and Maude 1971 comedy
Heaven 2002 drama
I'll Take You There 1999 comedy, drama
In the Mood for Love 2000 foreign [Hong Kong]
Kissing Jessica Stein 2002 comedy
Like Water for Chocolate 1992 foreign [Mexico], drama
Lost in Translation 2003 drama
Love and Basketball 2000 drama
Lovers of the Arctic Circle 1998 foreign [Spain], drama
Man in the Moon, The 1991 drama
Monsoon Wedding 2001 foreign [India], drama
Mostly Martha 2001 foreign [Germany], drama
Moulin Rouge 2001 musical
Next Stop Wonderland 1998 comedy, drama
The Princess and the Warrior 2000 drama, foreign [Germany]
Princess Bride, The 1987 comedy, fantasy, family
Punch-Drunk Love 2002 comedy, drama
Raising Victor Vargas 2003 drama
Roman Holiday 1953 classic
Say Anything 1997 drama
Secretary 2002 comedy, drama
Shakespeare in Love 1998 comedy
Shall We Dance? (Shall We Dansu?) 1996 foreign [Japan]
Show Me Love 1998 foreign [Sweden]
Sideways 2004 comedy, drama
The Tao of Steve 2000 comedy
Truth About Cats and Dogs, The 1996 comedy
Twin Falls Idaho 1999 drama
Very Long Engagement, A 2004 foreign [French], drama
Walk the Line 2005 drama
When Harry Met Sally 1994 comedy

NOTE: We haven't yet provided plot synopses and reviews for many of the recommended videos ... but we'll be rectifying this as time goes on.  Videos that have been reviewed are linked to the relevant reviews.

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