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in the mood for something ... serious?
If you feel like experiencing something emotional, thought-provoking, and moving, look for these flicks at your video store. 
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12 and Holding 2005 drama
13 Conversations about One Thing 2002 drama
All About My Mother 1999 foreign [Spain]
American Beauty 1999 drama
American History X 1998 drama
Amores Perros 2000 foreign [Mexico]
Auto Focus 2002 drama
Bowling for Columbine 2002 documentary
Boyz N the Hood 1991 drama
Boogie Nights 1998 drama
Bread and Roses 2000 drama
Bully 2001 drama
City of God 2002 foreign [Brazil]
Constant Gardener, The 2005 drama, thriller
Corporation, The 2003 documentary
Crying Game, The 1992 drama, thriller
Devil's Playground 2002 documentary
Dream with the Fishes 1997 drama
Dreamlife of Angels, The 1999 foreign [French]
Everything Put Together 2000 drama
Fast Runner, The 2001 drama
Fearless 1993 drama
Fight Club 1999 drama
George Washington 2000 drama
Ghost Dog 1999 drama
Girlfight 2000 drama
Godfather, The 1972 drama
Godfather Part II, The 1974 drama
Gods and Monsters 1998 drama
Half Nelson 2006 drama
Happiness 1998 drama
Hoop Dreams 1994 documentary
Hotel Rwanda 2004 drama
House of Sand and Fog, The 2003 drama
Iron Giant, the 1999 family, animation
Last Night 1998 drama, foreign [Canadian]
Lawn Dogs 1997 drama
Love and Basketball 2000 drama
Magdalene Sisters, The 2002 drama
Magnolia 1999 drama
Million Dollar Baby 2004 drama
Monster's Ball 2001 drama
Owning Mahowny 2003 drama
Personal Velocity 2002 drama
Quills 2000 drama
Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002 drama
Raging Bull 1980 drama
Ratcatcher 1999 drama
Requiem for a Dream 2000 drama
Safety of Objects, The 2001 drama
Squid and the Whale, The 2005 drama
Sweet Hereafter, The 1997 drama, foreign [Canadian]
Tae Guk Gi 2004 foreign [Korea], drama
Traffic 2000 drama
Trembling Before G-d 2001 documentary
Twin Falls Idaho 1999 drama
Virgin Suicides, The 1999 drama
Wall Street 1983 drama
Whatever 1998 drama
Winter Passing 2005 drama
You Can Count on Me 2000 drama

NOTE: We haven't yet provided plot synopses and reviews for many of the recommended videos ... but we'll be rectifying this as time goes on.  Videos that have been reviewed are linked to the relevant reviews.

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